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Successful entrepreneur with lots of experience, preview the batik entrepreneurs with experience of business owners. The name of the owner of this business is Suroso, with the name of his business is Batik Rosso and company names are : Weaving and Batik of natural Color. Born in December 1970 with the last education in ABA Yogyakarta majoring in French literature with the experience:
  • Studying design in PAPMI for the 1990-1991
  • Learning in Garmen Batik from the 1991-1992 (until having the experience in the world of fashion)
  • Starting a business making batik began from 2003
Suroso includes entrepreneurs who are keen to cultivate his field, some of the fashion shows that have followed are:
  1. Fashion Show in Singapore August 2004 at the event of Independence Birthday
  2. Fashion Show in Malaysia August 2005 at the event of Independence Birthday
  3. Fashion Show in German August 2006 at the event of Indonesian Youth Cultural Mission
  4. Fashion Show in Holland 17 – 18 May 2007 at the event of Tong – Tong Festival
  5. Fashion Show in The Catwalk Kelapa Gading at the event in Jakarta Food Fashion Festival April 2010
  6. Single Fashion Show at the Phoenix Hotel Yogyakarta in October 2011
  7. And many others


Additionally the Batik Rosso ever get Trophy Award held by ASEAN in Thailand, namely “Brocade with silk and metallic yarns, fabric 3rd Trophy Award for Plain Weaving with Natural  Dyed Silk Fabric ASEAN Silk Fabric and Fashion Design Competition 2009 On ASEAN Collaboration on Sericulture Research and Development Conference 2009″ At IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center Nonthaburi, Thailand.
Many works of that have been achieved by Rosso,  some works of Rosso are :
1. Batik for Women
  • Blus 3 negeri
  • Dress Pesta Kriwul Payet
  • sacdress simple
  • Bolero Batik Kombinasi
  • Blus Kelelawar
  • and more
Successful Entrepreneur
Sackdress Kusuma
Sackdress simple
2. Batik for men
3. Batik sarimbit
4. Batik cap, Batik Tulis, and more.