Tips for Young looks more than actual age

How to maintain the freshness of the body in order to look younger than actual age. Tips to look younger than actual age is:

1. Diligent Exercising

Exercising can increase the body’s resistance to disease. and can also refresh the body. the exercise routine should be done at least 2 times a week.

2. Enough Rest

A baby sleeping between 8-10 hours or more a day, but different from older. they often sleep under 8 hours a day. attempt adequate rest for at least 5 hours / more to break.

3. Enough sleep at During the day

Naps can optimise the power of thought and refresh the brain when you stick with a job very accumulate

4. Do not stay up


Staying up are not good for health, so do not stay up if there is no point.  not sleep at night will cause accelerated ageing on the face. (people who frequent late nights and lack of sleep will look older than actual age faster than those who rarely stay up)

5. Eating healthy foods

Healthy foods to add to the freshness of the body that will add fresh skin and brighten the face, so that it can look younger than actual age. encouraged to eat plenty of vegetables and fruits

6. Avoid Stress

The stress of the job can accelerate the ageing process, so if you are too tired to work, you should take a little time to look for entertainment useful so that stress is reduced.

7. Lots of Smiles

Many smiles can make you look younger than actual age because a smile can stretch the muscles in the face. a smile is also a worship.