Toyota Mirai FCV hydrogen and oxygen in fuel cell

Toyota Mirai FCV hydrogen and oxygen in fuel cell – Toyota Mirai FCV officially launched; Toyota Mirai comes with a hydrogen gas-fired technology. Toyota made the latest innovations future pollution-free vehicles and fuel-efficient. Although using the main fuel is hydrogen gas, Toyota ensures that this car has great power.

Toyota Mirai FCV with hydrogen gas fuel is able to generate power at 3.1 kW / L, the peak power to 114 kW / 152 Hp and maximum torque of 335 Nm.

Use 2 storage tanks for hydrogen gas, with a capacity of 61.2 liters each. Toyota Mirai FCV with a full tank of hydrogen gas is able to run up to 650 kilometers. Hydrogen gas tank placed in the back (in the middle of the rear wheels) and front (behind the rear seat) of the vehicle.

The carbon fiber tank, use high-quality carbon fiber and built to be durable, lightweight and incredibly solid. When pump hydrogen into the vehicle, the gas traveled to carbon-fiber fuel tanks where it’s stored. Then comes air, the Toyota FCV’s front intake grills deliver the outside air to the fuel cell stack. Which makes electricity, hydrogen travels from the tanks in to the fuel cell stack. There, it goes through chemical reaction involving the oxygen in the air, creating electricity to power the vehicle. Moving you forward, when put your foot on the gas pedal, electricity from the fuel cell stack sent to the motor. Leaving behind nothing but water, the only byproduct of creating electricity with hydrogen and oxygen in fuel cell stack is water, which leaves through the tailpipe.

Toyota Mirai FCV although use hydrogen, but can produce maximum power and without exhaust emissions, exhaust emissions from vehicles in the form of water.

Toyota Mirai FCV design

Toyota Mirai FCV is Aerodynamic styling, use Touch sensor lock/unlock door handles. Heated outside mirrors with power folding feature. In the wheels, use the 17″ Alloy wheels. LED headlamps with auto high-beam feature. Air intakes to guide air into the fuel cell system. LED daytime running lights.

Toyota Mirai FCV Concept interior

Toyota Mirai FCV use the innovative efficient and reliable as the fuel cell technology. Heated power tilt and telescoping steering wheel with multifunction controls. Premium audio system with Navigation, JBL and Entune App suite. Intelligent Touch controls for climate and audio. Acoustic noise-reducing glass for the windshield, driver-side and front-passenger-side windows.


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