Zoox level 4

Zoox level 4 is a cars drive themselves- According to company innovation of Zoox level 4 is not a car, but more than a car, although having the design and shape like a car. Zoox level 4 is an innovation in the world of transportation that might be able to replace the Taxi where Zoox does not use a driver and run autonomously.

Not like the automatic car, Zoox Company’s vision is to be the company’s first electric vehicle that is fundamentally autonomous and seeks to solve the problems facing urban mobility such as: air pollution, congestion, safety and lifestyle. But the certainty of Innovation Zoox vehicle has not been revealed.

Zoox Level 4 has a Self-Driving Complete Automation: The vehicle is designed to perform all the functions of driving safety. Being able to critically monitor the condition of the road for the entire trip, Zoox Level 4 will provide navigation for passengers, which passengers can use navigation that provides the ultimate destination of the passenger. Includes signaled whether the vehicle contains a blank or as in Taxi.

According to Jeff Klei president of Continental North America NAFTA region is predicted that we will see a semi-autonomous cars in 2016, and the autonomous vehicle is able to run in 2020 that will continue to fully autonomous cars in 2025.

Zoox level 4 image : Zoox level 4 is structured on a carbon fiber frame, symmetrical in form, identified by a backlit active spoiler.

These vehicles can run itself with an electric motor that is integrated by computer companies to explore every way, equipped with cameras, sensors, radar, including an integrated TFT screen with a front seat where you can also surf the internet.

While this Zoox level 4 within the framework of a virtual illusion, the company has not put forward a plan to create a team of designers in developing a futuristic car and may realize a real prototype.

Welcome to the future where cars drive themselves.

 Although still a concept, future cars will definitely come true someday. All started from delusion and finally became a reality.

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