4D Book application, awesome new technology

Awesome New Technology 4D Book is a book that’s displayed in the flash player with a combination of the writings and moving illustrations, that make reader easier to understand the content of a book. It’s fun to read a book with this application because with this application everyone who wants to learn of Book will be easily and understand the book. of course, with illustrations, learning will be fun and will indulgent reader in studying knowledge.
This book was developed by PT. Telsis Indonesia, a software manufacturer that is engaged in international standards-based education and bilingual 3-dimensional.
This book like a real book, that the reader will be amazed when opening the 4D book applications. See the preview video below.
PT. Telsis Indonesia as a software developer has signed an MOU with Taiwan UMEX (Wed 04/09). UMEX is a hardware developer. UMEX will make the PC Tablet and will be inserted 4D book application on the PC. If  touch screen PC tablet with the 4D Book application, reading will be more fun and would facilitate the user in exploring the contents of the book.