Causes of Anger and how to overcome them

Causes of Anger – People get angry because the process is known as psychological projection. Humans have a defense mechanism that makes it easy to bury and forget painful issues and unresolved from the past.
What makes someone angry? Why do we get angry over little things and blow it out of proportion with what’s going on? Why do we get angry at the people we love and care about? Anger seems irrational but if you learn to look below the surface you will find the real cause of the anger. When you find the real cause, you resolve your anger.


Anger and emotions can be overcome with patience with yourself, How learn it ?. It seems to be difficult because of the angry sometimes appear suddenly. But by learning to cultivate with anger, then anger can be overcome sooner or later. Why is that? because humans are beings of habit. That is human habits that every human being is to study and understand the nature around without them knowing every step is learning to get used to.
Simple example: If a person’s daily habit of consuming rice, and in a week he does not eat rice, then there will be a lack of feeling in the body of the person. Similarly, the habit Europeans eat bread, when the bread is replaced with the rice, then the satisfaction of a person will be lost because of change of habit. A person can change the habit by doing the routine for a few days, such as during the week … in a week he tried to restrain angrily … if successfully continue its level in 2 weeks – 1 month and beyond. So, naturally   reflex of unconscious will work to alert someone if will be angry because it was accustomed to restrain anger, the anger of the person be restrained because of the level of emotion in himself has been reduced.
Anger level each person is different. Some people are a little bit get angry, and there are some which scorned repeatedly do not get angry. Why is that? Because habituation somebody to accept and let his emotions differently.