Cope with hair loss

Cope With Hair Loss – The ideal appearance is everyone’s dream, especially the beauty of hair. Someone is experiencing hair loss every day , due to his own fault. Some things to avoid to cope with hair, so no hair loss again, How to care for your hair properly, The easy way  for caring hair properly :

1. Do not use excessively shampoo

Frequency of using shampoo causes hair to become thinner, so that the hair follicles no longer strong enough to hold the hair, especially if the hair is too long.

2. Do not comb hair when wet


Sometimes be very confusing when your hair continue fall to the floor. Sometimes will be stress while Your hair restrained in the comb. Combing wet hair cause loss hair protein. To overcome the loss of cuticle protein, use coconut oil on a regular basis, can prevent the loss of cuticle protein  in the hair. However, if you don’t have time to wait until the hair is dry, use a conditioner or olive oil to make a smooth hair before hair combing.

3. Avoid using hair straighteners

Use a hair straightener may result in unhealthy hair, hot in hair straighteners cause hair damage. The heat causes lost hair proteins, especially if use it too often.

4. Not cut the hair of more than 9 weeks

In about 8-9 weeks of hair usually has been split into two, and some are broken, especially in the tip of the hair. If left unchecked will cause hair to thin, and ends up in the hair follicles. This is exactly what causes hair loss. To fix this simply by cutting hair ends. So no need to change the appearance and hair healthy. So no need to change the hair appearance.