Investments With Low Risk

Investments With Low Risk – Investment is something that benefits both the short and long term, all things that benefit certainly there are risks, the greater the risk will become more profitable. But if the fear of higher risk of investing,  do it slowly. There are term “Slow but surely”. Here is some low-risk investment :

1. Gold

These investments are often carried out by women, although is not uncommon men who are doing this, but in investing jewelry, women who often buy these items, they use the gold to beautify themselves. The price of gold often arises. In addition to aesthetics Gold can also be used for long term investment.

2. Build the house

Other low-risk investments is to build housing, Why is that? Because everyone needs to stay residential. Every person who has the money will want to have a home. Why the risk is low, as if the house was built is not sold, it can be rented out and the longer the price of the house will be up.

3. Buying land

Price of land is always rising, rapid population growth caused land prices to rise. Just like home, land can also be managed if it is not profitable when sold.

4. Savings

Savings is a long-term investment that you can use to invest your money in stages, some Bank provides services such as education savings that can provide for a good result in the development of your investment. Is very little profit if only save, especially if the bank balance a bit. However, for the preparation of future savings is the right choice to collect our money coffers, because if the money is always within our grasp without us put aside for savings, the money will be quickly run out, because someone not always resist the desire and the desire to shop, even just to buy things that are not a useful.

Investments With Low Risk

5. Insurance Education


Ensuring children’s education for the future will be very useful, Education is everything, Higher education is a major investment in your life and your child. Cost of education steadily increasing every year. If we insure the education for child start from now, even before you have children, this will facilitate the financing of education for your child in the future.

Nothing to lose if it is all done for your child’s education. Careful planning and precise coupled with adequate financial resources is key for the future educational success of children.

6. Bonds

The bond holder is a lender, bonds issued by the government is a government loan to the buyer of bonds. Bonds are loans to be paid by the borrower to the lender. Government issued bonds to raise funds in the financing of a company. A bond is an investment for a specified period of time, bonds are sold to investors and paid back in full and will be coupled with interest after a specified period has run out. Bonds issued by state have little risk, because the government will pay if an error occurs.

7. Deposit

There are many types of deposits, some of which use a system of ‘profit sharing’. The outcome depends on the period of deposits, it can be in 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year or more. Such a profit sharing for 1 month to 40%: 60%, 40% of deposit holders. For the three months then the result is 45%: 55%, 6 months for, the result was 50%: 50% and 1 year for, the result was 55%: 45%, depend on the issuing bank deposits.

6. Preferred Stock

Divided into two shares of common stock and preferred stock. The preferred stock owner has the right to exceed the ordinary shareholders. With the purchase of preferred stock then the profit of the shareholders / higher dividends than common stockholders. Preferred stock has a low risk of investing. So maybe you can try it.