Kim Kardashian secrets slim after childbirth

Kim Kardashian weights up quite a lot after giving birth. But when he appeared on Instagram with slim body raises many questions, especially for the fans. Four months after giving birth to Kim Kardashian has lost weight about 22 pounds. The short amount of time in the weight loss as much as 22 pounds.

Kim Kardashian secrets

Kim Kardashian secret to getting slim body back

Kim Kardashian reveals secrets of slim in the mass media. Kim confessed to the ancient diet, Kim claimed besides exercise, it is also high-protein foods, and combine with the Pilates program. The key is discipline; he could lose 1-2 pounds with the program. The result Kim could lose 22 pounds of weight in just four months.
Actually pregnant women after giving birth to lose weight at least 5 pounds. Because in childbirth, infants and water carried in the womb will come out so that it will automatically reduce the weight of the person.
Usually, discipline to continue to consistently run the diet program can’t always be passed, someone. Sometimes women who already have children are not so prioritized about their weight. This is an obstacle to weight loss. This is an obstacle to weight loss.
Tips from Colette Heimowitz, VP (Atkins Nutritional, Inc.) might be helpful in losing weight quickly after giving birth.
Regulate food intake is key in obtaining a beautiful body. Reduce your calorie intake by eating only 1800-2000 calories per day. In addition, routine exercise to burn calories, so it does not accumulate in the body fat. Eating patterns, multiply the consumption of vegetables, low-fat yogurt, fruits, and other foods that are low in fat and calories that must be considered in losing weight. If done consistently and discipline then losing weight is easy and fun.