Online shopping tips | to safety of online shopping

How to online shopping secure | How to safety online shopping ? The development of increasingly advanced technology in the virtual world caused many entrepreneurs who start a business online. But how to make us feel safe while shopping online. Here are tips on how to safely shopping online:

Online shopping tips

Online shopping tips

1. Consider the price

If the price offered is much lower than the price in the market, you may need to be suspicious. If price is much cheaper than the price reasonable, then you must be careful, because no one vendor selling at a loss, except those old stock / counterfeit goods / items that are not worth taking.

2. Buy product from online store which already trusted

Anticipation second; purchase items from online stores that are well known and trusted.

3. check out existence of the bank account of the owner of online store

When buying items in the online store you definitely have to transfer money to  bank account  through the bank account  online store owner before your goods delivered. notice a bank account, find out of the bank account  truth. If the bank account have been troubled ever sued over the internet, by way of the search engine can be determined whether the bank account is in trouble or not.

4. check out correctness of the online business

How to know the truth of online businesses, usually when a business is in trouble, If the business have been troubled maybe ever sued over the internet, then, check through the search engines. or ask for information in the various forums about that online business

5. Be cautious when providing your personal identity

Personal identity is important to you and is also very important for a hacker / cracker, then beware because important information about your identity can be used by criminals to withdraw money from your savings.

Hopefully, these online shopping tips useful, so that buyers and sellers can be mutually beneficial.