Safety tips leave the house

Safety tips leave the house – How do we want to go as far let alone leave the house empty, sometimes anxiety when we leave the house, but no housekeeping. The following are tips to safely leave home :

Make sure the house in a safe condition

 The purpose of the home in a safe condition is not threatening homes electric installation, minimal to avoid surge and fire. If the house was left in a long time make sure all switches are connected to the electronics off, like a switch TV, refrigerator, radio, charger, etc.

Make sure the lighthouse in front and back of the house lit up at night

How do I turn on the lights when you left home a long time? the trick is to not turn the lights on continuously so that the house does not look empty. So how? that is by instaling “automatic light fittings” in the room in a look from the outside and the lights around the house. so the house does not look like a deserted uninhabited.

Light fittings are similar to those installed on street lights when there is a bright light will automatically turn off the light and dark when the lights will turn on.

Turn on the radio or TV

Perhaps in this way is a unique way because when the house is empty TV / radio why even turned on? to avoid items that exist in our homes stolen by the TV / radio Flash is an effective way to fool thieves. Turn minimal sounds from the outside and try not disturb our neighbours. After that connect the switch TV / Radio (better radios are turned on) that you want lighting with the light switch is connected to the “auto light fittings” so the TV / radio does not turn on at any time, TV / radio will light when the lamp was lit, the flame sense only night only.

Safety tips leave the house

Entrust your home to the person who can be trusted to keeping house

Who is the person who can we believe, is the neighbour / close relative who lived near our house. So the minimum would be seen by a neighbour / family we are at all times