Strengths and Weaknesses of the iPhone 5S

The next generation iPhone is iPhone 5S. iPhone 5S uses a fingerprint scanner for extra security mobile devices, Apple iPhone 5S improve some features including an A7 processor that uses a chip with 64-bit architecture and M7 motion coprocessor larger in terms of speed compared to the previous generation iPhone 5, which uses A6 chip. large chip does not affect the performance of the overall smartphone, they will be useful when to optimise the greater operation like to play the game. With a large processor, of course, will take more battery power, but the new generation of iPhone 5S did not increase the battery is still the same as used on the iPhone 5C.
The iPhone 5S is still same as the previous generation in a use of video recording width HD 1080p front-facing camera. on the back used video 30fps and 120fps. IPhone 5s distinguishing the true tone already using flash and slow-motion video. With the application of slow-mo users can choose the parts in the recording by little sliding   tape and took part to be adjusted, as well as edit video clips in iMovie.
iPhone 5s

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iPhone 5S still looks same with the previous generation. only in terms of design slimmer.


iPhone 5S  use an A7 processor with 64-bit architecture which is 2 times faster than the A6. iPhone also has a motion M7 coprocessor that works for motion sensor and allows  to monitor acceleration of A7. A processor will work in the system simultaneously.



iPhone 5S using the 8-megapixel camera, with an active sensor 15 percent larger than the previous generation and the camera lens aperture f/2.2 with autofocus that can do matrix metring. iPhone 5C  using the LED flash while the iPhone 5S uses dual LED flash to capture exactly the expected better, especially in the dark. This camera can perform image stabilisation and burst mode.
 iPhone 5S equipped with an automatic camera that can do 10 shots so that the user can select the images and can choose the best photo results. This camera can shoot 720p and 120 frames per second.

Touch ID

iPhone 5S is equipped with a fingerprint scanner, Fingerprint Scanner is used as a coating extra security for the iPhone. Fingerprint identity Touch sensor with 170 microns, 500 PPI resolution, and scan the skin layer sub – epidermal, with a stainless steel ring detection so that the user can feel when fingers touched the keys.