The most extreme camping’s in the world

The most extreme camping’s in the world | The campsite is located in Waldseilgarten Extreme Höllschlucht Pfronten-Kappel Germany, is a resort managed by Waldseilgarten Höllschlucht. This campground is a resort for a unique and extreme adventure in the mountains. The motto “Hoch hinauf in die Pfrontener Baumgipfel” which roughly translates to high above the tree tops Pfrontener, the resort offers guests to sleep hanging above the tree tops. Moreover, not only at the top of the tree, there is also a bed hanging over a cliff. To be able to do this Extreme campsite guest should conduct an appointment with the manager of the resort, there is a special schedule has been implemented by the manager of the resort for this unique camp.

The most extreme camping

This campground offers a variety of fun activities with a variety of training exercises such as archery, hiking, rock climbing, height Ropes, the Various outbound game with coach reliable, and can also be used for special events alone. In winter guests can build their tent near the top of the mountain is covered with snow with temperatures between 3-4 ° C.

Highlights of the most extreme is sleeping in trees and cliffs, is divided into three versions:

The first version is sleeping on a platform built on top of a tree in the forest Höllschlucht at a height of about 7 meters, this facility is available for a minimum of 4 participants, with the facilities provided such as toilets, washing facilities and a place to shower.

A second version of the adventure at the resort offers guests to sleep in portaledge (portaledge is a deployable tent that is commonly used by rock climbers) is on the ropes to the branches of a large tree, for 2-4 guests and the participants can only go up or down with the help of a rope. The second version is probably a bit extreme version that provides a unique experience for our guests where guests are provided with a bed that hangs at the top of a very tall old tree with a Mountain View Pfronten very beautiful.

While the third version is the most extreme version and privileges that are offered by the resort, where guests are provided a 1000 – 2000 m above the ground is a large cliff face is only available for 1-2 people / places. Extreme camping experience with a hanging bed is mounted on a high cliff, and can be done by observing weather conditions existing at the site.


Maybe this is a very extreme camp, but you have to go to Germany first to feel the sensation of extreme camp in Resort Waldseilgarten Höllschlucht.