The richest people in the world are entrepreneur

Richest people in the world – Who does not want to become rich and successful. The answer is definitely all want to be rich and successful if someone said that I do not want to be rich and to live sober, probably because it was resigned to the situation because every effort that has been done does not match what was expected.
Surely all want to be the best in his life. Success is a choice, while wealth is a bonus, so if you want to be rich. seek to become the first successful in various fields, while the wealth will always follow those who succeed in career life, but wealth should not always be taken literally in the form of matter , there are many models of wealth to be gained from every success in certain things.
The richest people in the world


The richest people in the world

In fact, only those who work hard and are lucky which can achieve success in the world. The reality,  entrepreneurs is dominated the richest people in every country. But who could dominate the desire of the self to be able to always feel quite that is can be called a rich and successful. Who are the richest people in the world, this is the list of richest people Forbes version:

1.   Carlos Slim Helu & family

Carlos Slim from Mexico with his ownership of the company in March 2012 has been estimated at U.S. $ 69 billion

2.   Bill Gates

Bill Gates comes from the United States with the ownership of the company Microsoft, Bill Gates has a fortune of $ 61 billion

3.   Warren Buffet

Warren Buffett is also a nationality United States with a fortune of $ 44 billion

4.   Bernard Arnauld

Bernard Arnault is a French national with a fortune of $ 41 million

5.   Amancio Ortega

Amancio Ortega is a Spanish national with a fortune of $ 37.5 million

Above is an overview of that big open opportunity to achieve wealth is in trade,  buying and selling is something that is most beneficial, in addition to being an intelligent person who works in government or large corporations.