The Uniqueness of Indonesia

The Uniqueness of Indonesia – Indonesia is a unitary state with a variety of cultures (multicultural), many cultures in Indonesia, of course, there is much uniqueness that exists in Indonesia. Some uniqueness of Indonesia are:

1. wealth of Indonesia

Indonesia is a rich country, especially its natural wealth. With such abundant wealth of Indonesia have made the Netherlands through the VOC became one of the richest countries in Europe. But the unique natural wealth of Indonesia, has never made the country became the richest country in Asia.

2. Independence Day of Indonesia

Indonesia’s independence day on Friday August 17, 1945 to coincide at the month of Ramadan, repeated on August 17, 2012 which also coincided at the month of Ramadan. on that date as well the creator of the song ‘Indonesia Raya’ “WR. Soepratman” died at date August 17, 1937.

The Uniqueness of Indonesia

3. The uniqueness of another Indonesian State is very friendly local peoples


Based on the survey The Smiling Report 2009, Indonesia is the country’s most generous smiles on the World, as well as Lonely Planet issued a list of “Most friendly countries in the World” is taken from the book edition of the Lonely Planet “1000 Ultimate Experiences” that says’ Indonesia is a country no 1 most friendly in the world ‘, but Forbes issued a different version in 2012 that did the polls and make that Indonesia was not included in the top 10 of the most hospitable countries.

4. Ghosts in Indonesia

Ghosts in each country is different, they appeared like the myth of community. Indonesia ghosts are so numerous, there Kuntilanak, Tuyul, Pocong, Buto Ijo, etc.  But the uniqueness of ghosts in Indonesia can be said of the friendly ghost because, each ghost appears most of them laughed. Such kuntilanak laugh hihihihi or Buto Ijo with his trademark laugh hahaha.

5. Defence and security

Indonesia has the human resources that is very reliable in terms of defense and security, such as ‘Kopassus’ (Special Forces Command) / ‘Paskhas’ (Korps Pasukan Khas) the best in the world and are not less good as the American forces.