The world’s largest TV from Samsung

Samsung launched the World’s largest television is with great reach 110 inches (2.7 m width). Samsung is famous for the sharpness of the screen is very intriguing, TV 110 “from Samsung is proved sharper than high-definition TV (high-definition). Prices offered for the TV even this is quite a fantastic range of 150 million and has already started to be sold in South Korea and will start selling around the world, according to there are 10 people who ordered this TV from the Middle East.

The world's largest TV from Samsung

See the picture above, the height of the TV Samsung U-HDTV 110 “is higher than” beautiful models “beside it. Giant TV screen of this Samsung Ultra – High Definition Television (U – HDTV) and claimed four times sharper at each pixel. Samsung U – HDTV is a television that is so large that it will provide the comfort and feel of a real watch every show, the TV of this size will surely give satisfaction to those who saw the show in it. However the price offered is fantastic, but it has many who ordered the biggest TV in the world.