Ways to forget ex lover

Ways to forget ex-lover – Every relationship there must be a problem, but every problem has its own tips and tricks to solve it. When building a relationship sometimes did not go smoothly as expected. When we fall in love we are certainly going to build a relationship for love, but when they fall into a pit of love we did not expect it should be out of the pit was to breathe fresh air outside the pit. But how do we make it easy to get out of that pit?

Slight differences in the meaning of love and dear. There is a fundamental difference of meaning of love and dear. If someone love something, surely he was want to have something he loves. whereas, if someone dear with something, will certainly try to make something that he was dear always happy. Between the desire to have and the desire to be happy, if combined into one, it would be something perfect. If a relationship does not run smoothly such a desirable, at least we can see the people that we love and affection is happy.
Ways to forget ex lover

Here are tips to forget ex-lover, this may be a bit to help you and can relieve you:

1. Pray

Before taking a destination, make sure to always pray to the Creator, that could smooth the path like toll roads. Although not as smooth highway road we take. Prayer is the key so that the liver can be calm and serene.

2. Make solid activity

When we do activities are solid, especially activities that spend a lot of energy,it will make us forget ex lover for a while. Find interesting activities such as sports, play game, or a variety of activities that can keep us busy. Solid and fun activities can be make a person forget his past.

3. Do not look at the past


Maybe some of us currently in a relationship is very confident that he is the soul mate for us, and some have presumption that only he can fill his heart, nothing else. But it is only the assumption of the hearts, the reality is not so.  Actually, if you just want to forget something, it is an easy thing. Way is to learn and be patient. Learning to not remember the former and do it patiently. Get used to not remember. Human beings are creatures who is always struggling with the habit every day. Such as when normally breakfast with bread and then not breakfast bread in a few days, it will be felt that something was missing.

Such as when normally breakfast with bread and then not breakfast bread in a few days, it will be felt that something was missing. There are many more habits of human beings attached to him. it’s just a picture that humans are creatures of habit. So, learn to familiarize yourself.

4. Avoid see activity of the ex-lover

Sometimes to cure homesickness in the former, someone is looking out the activities of the former, hoping to know the state of the former if he still loved her, like seeing activity on social networks belong to the former, If you want to forget the former, at least avoid doing these activities.

5. Never too forced

Like a thorn in the flesh,  thorn are subject to counteraccusations getting go deeper. Do not also touched, if touched will feel pain. So in order to forget the former, forget it slowly. Increasingly forced to forget, Instead be getting worse.

6. Looking for a new relationship

By looking for a new relationship, it is likely to forget the former will be greater, the new relationship is not always dating relationship but the relationship in search of a new friendship.

Relax, soul mate already set, do not have to look for a soul mate, but just need to find it. soul mate has been set by the Almighty for us. If it so what makes upset because breaking up with the lover. Be patient